August 22 – Is there less pressure on the RBA?

RBA Recap

  • The RBA continued their tightening cycle with another 50 basis point hike in August.
  • There is now a delicate balance between addressing inflation and ensuring the economy is not adversely effects. This is now the core objective of the RBA.
  • Moving forward, the RBA will have more latitude in balancing their objectives.

Market Dynamic

  • Market liquidity has increased due to seasonal and dynamic changes.
  • Term deposit and NCD rates have been volatile as reference rates bounce around and inflation expectations are revised.
  • The yield curve has flattened, as longer dated rates fall.

Investing Considerations

  • Investors should look at the weighted average return of their portfolio to improve their performance in a rising interest rate environment.
  • The current yield curve is very accommodating for longer investments and allows investors to maximise their returns, whilst still mitigating interest rate risk.

The Australian Economy

  • Consumer confidence is down as the pinch of inflation and tighter monetary policy conditions kick in.
  • Business conditions and confidence has increased for the first time in a couple of months reporting an increase in profitability, and labour costs. They are in a better position than ever to pass on costs to the consumer.

Inflation is still present in the Australian economy yet might not be as embedded as feared.


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