Daily Flows & Insights – Wages Growth Continues to Grind Higher

Daily Flows

  • Yesterday, the Commbank PERLS XVI Capital Notes priced with a margin of 3.00%. This Tier 1 hybrid security is perpetual subordinated, unsecured notes attracted $1.55 Billion of funds.
  • An ‘A’ rated bank has come to market with a rate of 4.90% for 1 year term deposit.
  • Considering their credit rating, market participants have been eager to lock in this elevated level.
  • The NCD market remains tight, with a rate of +45 for 3 months offered to attract funds.

Wages Growth Continues to Grind Higher

  • We saw another steady climb in wages growth in Australia according to the latest data.
  • Wages were up 0.8% for the quarter with the annual rate lifting to 3.7%, the highest level in a decade.
  • This latest increase is largely in line with the RBA’s expectations and as such shouldn’t have too much implication for monetary policy in the short run.
  • from a longer term perspective, this level of wages growth would be consistent with inflation sitting within the target band, assuming productivity growth returns back towards its recent average at around 1%.
  • However, if we fail to see an improvement in productivity growth then wage growth persistently north of 3% would be at odds with the RBA’s objective of returning inflation to the 2-3% target band.
  • the strength of the labour market will be crucial to wage growth and we get the next update on that tomorrow.
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