Daily Flows & Insights – RBA Holds Again

Daily Flows

  • Off the back of the RBA pause Aussie Swaps sold off from 1-5 year by 5-10 basis points with the curve inverted from 6 mths/1 year out to 10 years.
  • Today the highest offering is now 5.45% for 1 year term deposit in the BBB space.
  • These levels will continue to face downward pressure, as interest rate markets reconsider future interest rate expectations.
  • Expect 3 Month NCD margins to be 5-8 basis points lower.

RBA Holds Again

  • Yesterday, the RBA pauses again keeping the cash rate at 4.10%.
  • Looking at the statement, the RBA notes data is consistent with inflation returning to 2-3% target range over the forecast horizon and with output and employment continuing to grow.
  • The Soft landing that has been touted so often seems like it may be achievable with current trends.
  • Interest rate markets rallied as market participants are factoring in the end of the rate hike cycle.
  • Inflation is on its way down, the stickiness of services inflation will be a key data point going forward.
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