Daily Flows & Insights – Quieter Week Ahead Before A Busier End to January

Daily Flows

  • Market participants can today take advantage of an A1/A branch offering 12 month deposit rates of 5.26%.
  • Great Southern Bank has launched a 2.75 year (October 2026) medium term note expected to price in the near future as part of a $2 billion debt issuance program. Similar notes are trading in the secondary market in the +145 range with pricing details to come.
  • Expect more ADIs to be seeking funding this week with NCD margins still in the +45 vicinity and term deposit specials likely available to investors as markets pick back up.


Quieter Week Ahead Before A Busier End to January

  • A quieter week ahead for the third week of January culminates in December unemployment data out on Friday, with the unemployment rate projected to hold steady at 3.9% as demand remains strong with a small increase in employment.
  • In the meantime, Westpac’s consumer confidence index is out on Wednesday, followed by UK inflation, which is tipped to come in slightly higher in December following an 0.2% decline in November.
  • A coalition of Western forces launched a series of airstrikes on Yemen’s Houthi rebels to defend Red Sea shipping lanes after a number of Houthi strikes on commercial vessels in the region.
  • The latest escalation marks an increase in tensions in the Middle East with the Israel-Hamas war now drawing in another Iranian proxy. Hedge funds increased long positions in oil on the back of the uncertainty with prices tipped to rise as markets open.
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