Daily Flows & Insights – Quiet Week Ahead & Markets Look to Jackson Hole Meeting

Daily Flows

  • From now and the 30th of September, $46.4Billion of TFF will be maturing.
  • Whilst most banks have pre-funded the outflow it may play into an increased demand for funds.
  • An ‘A’ rated ADI continues to standout in the TD space with attractive long term offerings.
  • The NCD market has settled with two way flows at a margin of +45 for 3 months.

Quiet Week Ahead & Markets Look to Jackson Hole Meeting

  • A markedly quiet week ahead in terms of data. Domestically, there is no significant prints besides Judo Bank’s PMI monthly updates.
  • In the U.S. the markets have the Jackson Hole speech to look forward to.
  • Last year Fed Powell vowed to curb inflation whilst keeping the economy prospering.
  • So far it seems the central bank is doing just so.
  • All eyes will be on Powell to see if the Fed has any more rate hikes left.
  • With U.S. yields trading at considerably high levels, Jackson Hole has the potential to ignite significant yield movement depending on the sentiment and takeaway from markets.
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