Daily Flows & Insights – Meandering Markets ahead of Debt Vote and Data Releases

Daily Flows

  • Reference Rate volatility has been limited with reduced levels in trading across the markets.
  • Domestic CPI is released tomorrow, this event could have significant impact on short term interest rate expectations.
  • TDs continue to climb across the yield Curve, levels of 5.00%+ are common place from 6 months – 2 years.
  • NCD activity was limited yesterday, +45 is the 3 month level to attract new funds.

Meandering Markets ahead of Debt Vote and Data Releases

  • A very quiet start to the week with US, UK and a number of markets across Europe all closed for respective holidays.
  • That left the remaining markets that were open with little in the way of drivers to trade off.
  • The focus for market remains the passage of the recent debt ceiling agreement though congress over the next couple of days.
  • Should the agreement to suspend the debt ceiling until 2025 after the next election get up we could see a boost to sentiment follow.
  • It still is far from a done deal though which will keep markets somewhat on edge as politicians potentially hold up the progress of the agreement.
  • Domestic data releases will kick off today with building approvals before more key data comes through tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow we get the monthly CPI data which will be closely watched along with the first of the GDP partials for Q2.
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