Daily Flows & Insights – Markets Spooked By RBA Minutes

Daily Flows

  • The Aussie yield Curve is inverted at the shorter end (2Y vs 1Y), flat comparing mid-term vs short-term (5Y-2Y) and normal convexity in the long-term vs short-term (10Y-2Y).
  • It is interesting to note that increases in yields at the longer end of the yield curve has less of a tightening affect on financial conditions in Australia compared to the U.S. as more of our funding is from the short end of the curve.
  • NCD placements continue to be pushed out to 1 year terms as market participants chase yield.
  • With only a few names chasing funds, any standout rates have been snapped up quickly by investors.

Markets Spooked By RBA Minutes

  • Markets jumped off the back of RBA minutes yesterday.
  • It was deemed more hawkish compared to the previous month with the board placing emphasis on their willingness to act if inflation does not come down quick enough.
  • An extremely high Q3 CPI reading and a strong labour market may be needed to see the RBA hike in November.
  • Geopolitical tensions are a new factor that have added uncertainty in the markets since the RBA meeting which will be further fuelled by a ‘live’ November meeting.
  • A sell off has gained momentum in interest rate markets as those holding positions factor in a possible November hike.
  • 1 year Swaps has climbed to 4.41% from 4.28% and 5 year has reached 4.66% from 4.45%.
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