Daily Flows & Insights – Markets Reverse Course

Daily Flows

  • With a slow close to last year, we saw a slow start to the year with ADI’s sitting flush with funding.
  • A number of ADI’s are still showing last year’s pricing, so investors have been able to take advantage of higher rates from ADI’s such as ING and Judo Bank.
  • As more investors start to make their way back from holidays, we will see a steady pick-up in activity this week.

Markets Reverse Course to Start the Year

  • After two months of largely one-way traffic across a number of markets heading into the end of 2023, the start of 2024 saw somewhat of a trend reversal.
  • While it could just be repositioning after such a large move it is still worth noting in what could have broader implications.
  • We saw bond yields jump, while equities fell and even the USD found some strength.
  • With holidays for many still in full swing, we are likely to see choppy price action until investors and traders get back to their desks.
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Curve Team
David Flanagan