Daily Flows & Insights – Jobs Market Shows Resilience But Softening Conditions Creep In

Daily Flows

  • Yesterday’s Suncorp 3.5-year senior issuance received an order book interest in excess of $1.5 billion, with the total deal size setting at $1.15 billion. There was an 80:20 split across the floating and fixed rate MTNs respectively, with the floating coupon setting at +110. 
  • There is opportunity to pick up regional bank lines in the secondary market trading at DM upwards of +115.
  • Market participants have been focussing on tenors around the 1-year mark, with some ADIs sporadically offering a rate of 5.50%.
  • NCD margins hovering around the +48 region, with bespoke offerings above +50.

Jobs Market Shows Resilience But Softening Conditions Creep In

  • Employment growth in Australia exceeded expectations, rising by 55k in October.
  • Unemployment rate increased from 3.6% to 3.7% as the participation rate lifted.
  • The labour market has shown a trend of softening conditions in recent months, with employers reducing hours but not significantly cutting the workforce.
  • Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) likely to view the employment growth cautiously, as much of it came from part-time employment.
  • Disproportionate rise in employment for those older than 65 suggests a temporary boost from the Voice referendum.
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