Daily Flows & Insights – Jerome Powell Speech

Daily Flows

  • Market participants with minimal fixed interest exposure are considering introducing longer-dated fixed income securities as 5 year yields climb.
  • A fixed Westpac Sept28 security attracted flow a yield to maturity exceeding 5.30% and a BOQ Jan27 Senior Unsecured security was also picked up with a YTM above 5.60%
  • With 1-year swaps at 4.40%, term deposits are trading with a credit spread of +90 basis points.

Jerome Powell Speech

  • Yesterday, Jerome Powell addressed the recent increases in U.S. bond yields. He identified three key factors that rule out expectations of higher inflation and short-term policy adjustments.
  • U.S. bond yields have reached their highest level in 16 years, causing concern in financial markets.
  • Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Reserve Bank, explained that the increase in yields is not due to expectations of higher inflation or short-term policy changes.
  • Rather, Powell notes that markets are recognising the economy‚Äôs resilience to high-interest rates, leading them to revise their long-term economic outlook, which may necessitate higher rates.
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