Daily Flows & Insights – CBA Household Spending

Daily Flows

  • Market participants are seeking value by locking in 2-5 year term deposits upwards of 5.00%.
  • The longer investments represent a good opportunity to gain a expected real return as inflation and the cash rate lowers over the next 1-2 years.
  • This sentiment is also reflected in the fixed income space with market participants favouring longer fixed securities when able to.
  • NCD margins have settled with +45 the level to roll funds in the domestic space.

CBA Household Spending

  • The CBA Household Spending Index looks at all household spending done through CBA.
  • Consumer spending accounts for 50% of the economy and the CBA index captures 30% of all Australian consumer transactions.
  • The theme of sticky services inflation continues with spending in education increasing by 2.8% MoM in August and insurance also coming in hot.
  • The inflow of international students contributed to this data point.
  • An increased population may continue to drive up services demand and fuel tightness in the labour market.
  • Although household good were up for the month, this is just a slight reversal of the recent downturn.
  • Recreation spending was resilient, however this may be treated as an outlier, with the Matildas World Cup efforts driving increased activity.
  • Overall the current pace of spending growth is lower than inflation and implies a fall in real terms.
  • This level will be good news to the RBA and does not warrant any changes to the current cash rate.
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