Daily Flows & Insights – Australia’s Trade Surplus Shrinks

Daily Flows

  • The RBA rate hike on Tuesday has seen rates lift considerably. Paired with a shortage of funds in the system, the TD and NCD markets are experiencing the highest outright levels for the year.
  • Market participants have been eager to lock in elevated levels for a longer term as we near the end of the rate hike cycle.
  • 5 Year TD offerings of 5.30% are being actively pursued in the BBB space.
  • 3 Month NCD outright levels have now reached 4.70%.

Australia’s Trade Surplus Shrinks

  • Australia’s Balance of Trade surplus decreased from $14.8Bill to $11.15Bill, with the consensus being $14B.
  • Overall exports dropped by 5% and imports rose by 2%.
  • Monthly trade surpluses have been consecutive since Jan 2018, supported by sales in iron ore and natural gas to our regional trade partners.
  • Travel exports rose by 13.8% for April.
  • This figure suggests increased tourism and international students are continuing to flow.
  • Even with todays drop in exports, the trade surplus will support second-quarter GDP after reducing growth in the Q1.
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