Daily Flows & Insights – As Always, The Fed Keeps Their Options Open

Daily Flows

  • Yields of 5.25% for 1 year term deposits have become the standard needed to attract funding in the middle market space.
  • NCD activity was quiet yesterday but two-way flows remained at +45 for 3 months.
  • Today NAB has launched a 3 year Fixed/Floating MTN with an initial price guidance of 3mBBSW +75.

As Always, The Fed Keeps Their Options Open

  • Jerome Powell was cautious not to say anything too jarring but noted concerns about inflation. The FOMC maintained its easing bias despite acknowledging a lack of progress towards the 2% inflation target.
  • They announced plans to slow balance sheet run-off confirmed from June.
  • Powell suggested a resumption of rate hikes was unlikely, indicating potential future rate cuts given the current restrictive policy stance.
  • As always Central Banks look to keep their options open and ensure they do not pigeon hole themselves into positions.
  • They will continue to asses the data and ascertain whether the current monetary policy stance needs to change.
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