Daily Flows & Insights – A Balanced Decision From the Fair Work Commission

Daily Flows

  • It was a quiet start to the month, with many banks looking for funding but market participants subdued placing out.
  • Most of the flow was directed to a 6-month term deposit offering a rate of 5.25% from a Green-Friendly A-2/BBB+ Fitch-rated bank.
  • Yesterday, the Westpac 3mBBSW+100 15/01/2029 was traded with Market participants selling the stock able lock in a significant capital gain since primary issuance.

A Balanced Decision From the Fair Work Commission

  • The Fair Work Commission (FWC) decided to increase the minimum wage and award rates by 3.75% starting 1 July 2024, considering the rising cost of living and rejigged stage three tax cuts.
  • The FWC’s 3.75% increase is lower than the previously forecasted 4.5%, leading to a downside risk for wage forecasts and will lower WPI expectations.
  • The decision is expected to moderately influence other wage negotiations, though individual arrangement wage outcomes have already slowed, and enterprise agreement outcomes seem to have peaked.
  • The RBA would likely be reassured by the FWC’s balanced decision, which considers both cost of living pressures and anticipated productivity improvements.
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