Daily Flows & Insights – U.S. Retail Sale Remains Resilient

Daily Flows

  • With demand for funds having cooled considerably any stand out TD is jumped on by market participants.
  • Investors that were quick to act were able to pick up 6-12 month TD special that was limited in offer.
  • NCD margins have to +45 subsided with mid-month inflows dampening demand.

  • For the 4th consecutive month in a row, U.S. retail sales increased, beating market expectations (0.7% MoM Vs 0.4% MoM).
  • Increases in sales may had unseasonal upward pressure from Amazon’s Prime Day.
  • Nonetheless, the consumer remains resilient in the face of rising interest rates and cost of living pressures.
  • The Fed will need to maintain hawkish sentiment to ensure consumer discretionary spending remains under control.

Meeting Minutes & Wage Price Index

  • Similar to previous meeting minutes the RBA maintains a hawkish tone but confirms they are comfortable with an extended pause.
  • A rate hike was still considered by members but there was more upside to extending the pause.
  • Wage price index also was released, rising by 0.8% QoQ lower than market expectations.
  • This undershoot is good news to the RBA, who are wary of the potential for wage spiral increases feeding into higher prices and inflation.
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