Daily Flows & Insights – The World Takes on Inflation, China faces Deflation 

Daily Flows

  • Today, CBA has launched 3YR and 5YR MTNs with a price guidance of +77 and +100.
  • With Westpac pricing at +75 for 3 years, market participants should expect similar level unless CBA has a starkly different appetite for funds.
  • A BBB name came to market offering competitive TD rates of 5.15% for 3 months and 5.45% for 6-12 months. Market participants who were quick to act were able to scoop the above market yield.
  • There is a bid tone in the NCD market, with a few ADIs offering margins of +50 for 3 months to attract new funds.

The World Takes on Inflation, China faces Deflation

  • China’s inflation came in at -0.3% YoY matching market expectations.
  • Consumer demand and produce prices are falling and this is being felt globally from China’s trading partners.
  • For commodity markets such as oil, supply concerns have neutralised any pricing in the slow down in Chinese activity.
  • Chinese officials note that the fall in CPI may be temporary as the impact of high base from last year will began to fade.
  • There is a lot of call for Chinese authorities to introduce economic stimulus to ensure the economy remains stable.
  • Concerns are mounting over the nations dependence on exports and property.
  • On top of this, the globally high savings rate makes restarting the economy post Covid even more challenging.
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